Archive: Apr 2013


SAI AGM Inspiring

I’ve just returned from spending a thoroughly interesting and inspiring day at the Society of Architectural Illustrators AGM, held at the Anise Gallery in Thames Shad, London as the guest of the architect, David Birkitt.

Not only was it a great chance to understand what the society is about, its purpose and aims, it was a great chance to get to know like minded artists working across many different media. It was great to also hear Ian Stuart Thomas’ view of Architectural Illustration and its role in creating a successful bid for a building. It got me thinking about where architectural photography fits within this process? Where it does have a clear role to play is in the construction and end product phases but what is less clear is how photography can help illustrate the case for buildings whilst they are still on the drawing board. Unfortunately I had to leave before the group debates got going and so didn’t get the opportunity to put the question to the forum. One for another day perhaps?

It was also great to see Karen Neale’s stunning illustrations from her travels, hear her talk about the process she uses and see how the passion for her work just oozes out of her.  Whilst these are pen and watercolour drawings and Karen never picks up the camera to take reference images, there is something in the way in she constructs them,  the format used and the way in which Karen’s focal distances shift from illustration to illustration.  It seems that photography, or the way in which the camera works and renders perspective has informed her style.


Matthew P Wright Photography Launched!

It’s been a really exciting few weeks, as well as a lot of hard work, but it’s finally here – my sparkling new website.

It’s been great working with Kevin Worrall at Reflex Lab, Dan Etheridge (who did the design) and Martin Anderson of Anderson Design in Oxford for the logo – thanks guys – I definitely owe you all a cold beer!

Before I continue, I feel that I should introduce myself but if you wish, you can get more information by visiting the About page. I am a Fine Art Landscape, Commercial, Architectural & Travel  photographer based in Wantage, Oxfordshire, but by no means limit myself geographically to this location when taking on new commissions and projects. Living here means I am fantastically privileged to have access to the beautiful North Wessex Downs, Uffington White Horse and many other stunning locations.

My passion for photography is simple – I just love taking great photos of anything that inspires me. My other loves are walking and travel – I’m not sure which activity feeds the other – whether it’s my desire to take photographs or my desire to be out and about. Either way, I’m sure you’ll soon get a good sense for how this has informed my work. You will find in my gallery a selection of photographs drawn from a number of portfolios. I’m a really keen cyclist as well but its hard to take a good picture whilst hurtling down a hill at 40mph!

If you’re inspired by what you see and would like to purchase a photograph or commission me, please get in touch or simply click on ‘Buy Print’ when viewing the photo.

I will post regular blogs which will be a mixture of updates, mind-dumps, things I find interesting or inspiring and a sketchbook made up of snaps taken whilst out and about, so please come back regularly. I’d love it if you’d also connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr or Pinterest – the icons are at the bottom of the page to make it simple for you to stay in touch.

And finally… I really hope you like the website and my work… feel free to stay a while and have a browse.