Horses, Power Stations & The Fall

  1. I’ve just completed the editing and processing of a set of photographs I took for Sorrel Porteous of Pentire Sports Horses and it’s been a really fun assignment. It was a great opportunity and a pleasure to work with Sorrel, Sam and George as well as the horses and the security team (two enormous but thankfully very friendly dogs). Having spent some time this year working on my ‘Farrier’ project, I’ve become used to being around competition horses, but Hamish, Brooke and Billy are all truly stunning and clearly a great tribute to the work Sorrel and her team do.

    As a keen cyclist and Landscape photographer I get to explore the beautiful countryside I’m so lucky to live in. But the location Sorrel suggested for the shoot was perfect and unknown to me, with the downs dropping away to the endless view across the Thames Valley towards Wittenham Clumps and Didcot Power Station acting as a surprisingly effective punctum in the middle distance. Although, that definition may need to be stretched a little as even from a distance, it’s still a fair size!  It got me thinking about it’s imminent but undramatic destruction (it’s not being blown up) and whether there really was, after all, a place for it in the landscape – but then I concluded, the landscape will look just great without it.

    The final thing I discovered today, which I’m sure many won’t agree with me on, is that The Fall’s album, Your Future, Our Clutter is utterly brilliant!