Photography Courses

Matthew offers a range of photographic training courses that have been developed to help people get the most out of their photography, whether they are just beginning to get interested in photography or are looking to brush up on their skills and improve their technique.


‘Get Out of Auto’

Aimed at people who own a camera with Aperture Priority (often AV, AP or A on the control dial) and Shutter Priority (often TV, SP or S) modes on their cameras and who are looking to get more out of their equipment, allowing them to be more creative and take more control when taking photographs.

At the end of the 4 hour session, you will…

Understand how to use Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority modes.
Know how to choose the most appropriate programme for your subject matter.
Understand what an Aperture is and what those numbers mean!
Understand depth of field and how to control it to help take effective images.
Understand Shutter Speeds and what affect they have on the finished photograph.
Understand ISO and what it does.
Have practiced taking photographs with different settings

The cost is £75 per person, per session.



Building on the principles learnt in the ‘Get Out of Auto’ course, this is aimed at people who would like to learn how to use these skills more creatively, or move to using manual to give them full control. This course will also provide you with failsafe principles of composition to help you improve your photographs dramatically.

The course lasts 4 hours and at the end of the session, you will…

Have learnt how to use Exposure Compensation to produce more creative effects.
Be able to control your camera’s exposures and use them more creatively.
Understand how to use the Manual function on your camera.
Have learnt about the fundamental principles of composition.
Be able to unleash your creative potential or just to take great looking photos, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

The costs is £90 with a £15 discount for those that have already attended ‘Get Out of Auto’.

Both courses last 4 hours and there are no more than 6 attendees in any group. If anyone has a goal they wish to achieve, which isn’t detailed above, the aims for the session can be tailored to suit or where not possible, a one to one session can be arranged separately.


‘One to One Training’

Whether you are someone getting into photography for the first time, picking the camera back up again and feeling a bit rusty, or are looking to brush up and improve on the skills you already have, one to one training can help you get up to speed quickly.

One to One Training is available at a cost of £450 per day, where you will have the undivided attention of Matthew and will benefit from his years of experience, technical, compositional and creative knowledge.


How to Book

To discuss your requirements or book, please contact Matthew direct either by phone or email.


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