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Exercise Time, Racing Stables, Lambourn

Race horses warming up ahead of a session on the gallops, at a racing stables in Lambourn, West Berkshire. Lambourn is famous for it’s champion winning racing stables and is renowned as a centre of excellence due to it’s quality gallops on the chalky Lambourn Downs.

Grooming Bags, Racing Stables

Grooming bags for the race horses hanging at a racing stables in Lambourn.

Horseshoe Rack

In the back of Andy’s van is a superbly designed and crafted horseshoe rack which contains a selection of his most commonly used shapes and sizes. They are also make using many different metals, including lightweight ‘running shoes’ for when the horses are racing.

Andy the farrier hot shoeing #4

Andy the farrier applies a hot horseshoe to a cob at a livery yard in Oxfordshire. As Andy starts to apply the shoe, he takes as huge intake of breath and continues to apply for as long as he is able to hold his breath and see what he is doing (which isn’t long!).