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View from Woolley Woods, Berkshire Downs

The snow came down quickly, blown at a 45ยบ angle with the trees to the right of the field sheltering canopy shapes of field from being dusted. A beautiful view from one of my favourite local walks.

Woolley Woods #1

Woolley Woods is a magical and beautiful woodland on the border between Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Home to large herds of roe deer and a regular destination for our Sunday walks before coming home for jacket potatoes, cold cuts and pickles in front of the fire.

Above Nordfjord, Norway

The road that runs past this chalet in the mountains above Nordfjord, Norway is open for just 3 months of the year.

Woolley Woods #2

Woolley Woods is normally full of deer but there was a serene silence and calm in the woods on the day I took this. The snow came quickly and was settling on the camera, bag and tripod. It was one of those really rare, special days when light, weather and subject all come together in perfect harmony.