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View from Woolley Woods, Berkshire Downs

The snow came down quickly, blown at a 45ยบ angle with the trees to the right of the field sheltering canopy shapes of field from being dusted. A beautiful view from one of my favourite local walks.

Below Sour Milk Gill, towards Brown Base, Borrowdale

A frosty day in Borrowdale in the Lake District. The plan was to head up to Great Gable but unfortunately the water ice was too treacherous without crampons. However, I was treated to this stunning view down the valley to Brown Base for the toils. Brilliant!

Woolley Woods #1

Woolley Woods is a magical and beautiful woodland on the border between Oxfordshire and Berkshire. Home to large herds of roe deer and a regular destination for our Sunday walks before coming home for jacket potatoes, cold cuts and pickles in front of the fire.