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Snowdrops, Welford Park

Snowdrops covering the ground like a blanket of fresh snow, at Welford Park, Berkshire.

New Season, New Photography Opportunities

Spring has finally started to show signs of life here in the North Wessex Downs and it seems to have been a slow start for many of the garden plants. Last year, by now, I would have been busy capturing those early spring shows for a number of my clients who areĀ garden designers and creators. Yet, this year we’ve had to wait a little longer for the snowdrops and quince to really start doing their thing!

However, that’s not to say there aren’t dramatic statements of spring to be found and photographed – a couple of weekends ago whilst out cycling with a mate of mine we happened across a wood with a bed of snowdrops so large and dense, it literally looked like it had snowed beneath the trees and covered the ground in a blanket of white. Excited by our ‘discovery’, I took the first opportunity I could to return with my camera, a bag of lenses and a few visualised photographs in my head.

The discovery, however, is clearly no secret to those who live locally – as it turned out. Welford Park happens to be a large manor house gardens which once a year are opened to the public in order to allow access to the stunning snowdrop display and raise funds for a selection of local charities. This of course created a few challenges when coming to make photographs that look natural and absent from crowds of tourists like me!

Apart from the delicious tea and cakes, it was a truly rewarding trip… two new photographs worthy of my landscape photography portfolio which will also be added to a growing collection of woodland photographs I have been creating. These will eventually make up a follow up to last years ‘The Downs’ landscape exhibition.

Woolley Woods in Spring

Each time I visit Woolley Woods to take a set of photographs I become more enchanted and beguiled by the place. This photograph seems to perfectly capture the charm and mystery of the woodland.

The Slipper Pond

Taken in Northumberland, we came across this beautiful pond in a craggy, fir covered valley whilst out walking in early spring. It was so tranquil and calm – a wonderful spot to stop of a bite to eat and a flask of tea before continuing our walk.

Woodland, River Kennet, Near Newbury, West Berkshire

This was taken on a cold but pleasant day in January , just as the snow drops were starting to appear. There had been so much rain over the previous 12 months it felt like it was never going to end. The image forms part of my black & white project on British woodlands.